How it all started...

The story…

My earliest memories are being in the kitchen with my grandmother and LOVING to watch and help her. An absolute goddess in the kitchen when it came to baking, I loved the way her delicate hands could move about with ease and the natural talent to turn the most simple ingredients into something extraordinary that brought our entire family together. Whether it was one of her beloved pies moist chocolate cake or a gooey butter tart, it really didn’t matter, her baked goods were always the center of the table. I would sit there watching my whole family laughing and joking, big and busy, enjoying one another’s company all around a home cooked meal and fresh baked goods. I loved that feeling, this is when I realized I want to give people that experience, I want to be like my grandma.

Fast forward twenty years and our family had grown far too big to gather all together and people started to celebrate with their own little family units. Despite this change, I still felt that baked goods and home cooked meals were the center of family time, celebrations and traditions. I told my then boyfriend, now husband, all I want in our first home is a huge harvest table full of food surrounded by kids and “organized chaos” (my favourite kind of chaos).

Fast forward five more years, I am now in my thirties and still feel that for me food is still the glue of social gatherings with family and friends. It is beautiful, tasty and helps us celebrate the good times and comforts us in the bad. I now bake some old favourites and have adopted some new recipes for my own boys. We now have that large harvest table and each night I look at my husband and four kiddos laughing and enjoying home cooked meals and fresh baked goods. Our “organized chaos” isn’t always organized and really, I wouldn’t change it. You see, I have everything I wanted. I became an elementary school teacher and LOVE my job, I bought that harvest table with my very best friend and husband, we built a family and I have that same feeling I had when I was 5 years old watching my grandma and now carrying on those traditions.

You see, I had all but one dream checked off the list…sharing my baking and cooking with the community and making people feel the way I felt being in the kitchen with my grandma and the way I still feel when I eat something prepared with love.

I want to be that person, the person that prepares the meals and treats that taste like grandmas and make you feel the LOVE!

Thank you for all of your support.

With love,


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